Winfried-Lorenz-VF Award 2022

For the sixth time, the German Network Health Services Research e.V. will award the Wilfried Lorenz Health Services Research Award. Here you can find the current call for applications (published on 16.05.2022):

  1. The German Network Health Services Research e.V. (DNVF) awards the Wilfried Lorenz Health Services Research Award. The prize serves the further development of health services research in Germany and the promotion of young researchers. The prize is awarded at the German Conference for Health Services Research (DKVF) in memory of the DNVF's honorary member Prof. Dr. Wilfried Lorenz (1939-2014).
  2. Prof. Lorenz has rendered outstanding services to health services research for many decades, especially to outcome research and the quality of life after breast cancer. He has received numerous honours for his scientific achievement. He is a role model for many DNVF members.
  3. The prize is intended to honour and support individual scientists or groups of researchers who are members of the German Network Health Services Research e.V. and who apply with an original paper that has been published in a peer-reviewed Journal or has been accepted for publication in a peer reviewed Journal within the 12 months prior to the call for applications. The applicant must be the first author of the original paper.
  4. Criteria are the scientific originality of the research question, a very good methodological quality and a high relevance for the implementation in patient care.
  5. The application for the prize can only be personal. If the contribution has already been awarded a prize or submitted for an award application, this must be noted. If the contribution has already been submitted for the announcement of the Wilfried Lorenz Health Care Research Award 2020 or 2021, a new application with this same publication is not possible.
  6. The announcement of the award is addressed to all DNVF members. This includes the members of our professional societies, the staff of the scientific institutes and centres that are members or supporting members of DNVF e.V. Similarly, personal members of DNVF e.V. can apply for the award.
  7. The prize is endowed with 2,500 €.
  8. The application documents include a cover letter, the original paper, and a curriculum vitae of the applicant or the applicants in table form 'Conflicts of Interest' forms must be completed for each applicant. The application documents should be sent to the DNVF office as a single file, attached to an e-mail (e-mail: info@dnvf.de). If a group applies, the agreement of all authors involved must be obtained.
    In the case of employees and members of our institutional members, a certificate from the company/employer must be submitted as proof of membership status. For research groups, 40% of the persons involved should be able to provide proof of direct (personal DNVF membership) or indirect membership status. Personal members in the DNVF do not require separate proof.
  9. The deadline for applications is 26.06.2022.
  10. A jury will select the award-winner(s). The jury consists of honorary members of the DNVF, representatives of the DNVF sections and members of the board.
  11. The jury selects the prize winner(s) from the submitted applications according to the criteria of scientific originality, methodological quality and relevance to healthcare practice. Jury members will be excluded from the evaluation in the case of conflict-of-interest, e.g. an application from within the company (institute, clinic).
  12. Legal action is excluded.
    You can find the call and your documents here.

The jury for the award of the Wilfried Lorenz Health Care Research Award 2020 consists of the following experts: Prof. Dr. Ute-Susann Albert, Dr. Walter Baumann, Prof. Dr. Nicole Ernstmann, Prof. Dr. Erik Farin-Glattacker, Prof. Dr. Max Geraedts, Prof. Dr. Martin Härter, Prof. Dr. Falk Hoffmann, Prof. Dr. Christine Holmberg, Prof. Dr. Andrea Icks, Prof. Dr. Juliane Köberlein-Neu, Prof. Dr. Thorsten Meyer, Prof. Dr. Edmund Neugebauer, Prof. Dr. Klaus Parhofer, Prof. Dr. Jochen Schmitt, Prof. Dr. Michel Wensing, Prof. Dr. Karl Werdan, Prof. Dr. Stefan Wilm, Prof. Dr. Markus Wirtz, Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann
Prof. Dr. Lena Ansmann was appointed by the board of directors to head the jury.