AG Cooperation in health care

Targets and tasks

In view of the fact that a large number of professions are involved in the care of patients, the working group has set itself the goal of representing the division of labour and cooperation between the health care professions as a topic area of health services research. Coming from a wide variety of health care professions, we cultivate inter-professional exchange, identify intersections and tasks of particular relevance for successful cooperation in health care.


- The working group is participating with lectures and posters at the German Congress for Health Services Research. The aim is to present the topics of the working group at the congress and at the same time to provide insights into current and completed projects on the topic of cooperation in health care
- A Concept analysis on terms around the topic of cooperation (teamwork, teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, coordination, NetWorking) is nearing completion. Another group of the working group is concerned with the requirements of outpatient care (primary care) for cooperation between the health care professions.
- The AG meets twice a year for a working session.


The working group is committed to making the professional competence of the various health care professions and their activities in health care research more visible within and outside the DNVF. To this end, representatives of initiatives, professional societies, research associations, etc. are invited to the working group meetings. The interprofessional exchange on issues relevant to health care should thus be further deepened. In addition, the working group would like to orient its structure to be able to react more quickly to external enquiries.

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