AG Health Economy

Brief description

Questions that include economic aspects of health care in the analysis are an important field in health care research. For these questions, approaches and methods of health economics are available to health services research. Health economics generally deals with questions of resource allocation under the conditions of limited resources. Which health economic concepts and methods are relevant for health services research ultimately depends on the research objectives, perspective/addressee, and the resulting questions.
The specialist group has prepared the chapter on health economics of the Memorandum on Methods in Health Services Research. This chapter focuses on health economic evaluation. The chapter aims to give a short overview of basic methodological aspects of health economic evaluation, to present and discuss requirements for data and their processing for health economic evaluation in health services research, and to identify needs for further development that are particularly relevant for health services research. The article was published in 2010.
After completion of the chapter on health economics of the Memorandum on Methods in Health Services Research, the working group has set itself the goal of working on selected aspects of health economic evaluation from the perspective of health services research.
In addition to peer reviewed manuscripts, recommendations for interested parties from research and practice will be issued. First, a checklist for health care cost studies was developed and published in 2017 - Müller D, Stock S, Dintsios M, Chernyak N, Gerber-Grote A, Gloede TD, Hermann B, Huppertz E, Jülich F, Mostardt S, Köberlein-Neu J, Prenzler a, Salize HJ, Santos S, Scheckel B, Seidl A, Wahlers K, Icks A. Checklist for the Development and Assessment of Cost-of-Illness Studies. The Health Care System 2017, DOI: 10.1055/s-0042-124664 (>>Link). Currently, the working group deals with the health economic evaluation of complex interventions.

In addition, the working group organizes seminars on methodology at the German Conference on Health Services Research, annual conferences of other professional associations and at the DNVF-Spring-School, among others. It cooperates with the committee 'Economic Evaluation and Decision-Making' of the German Society for Health Economics.
Anyone interested in participating is cordially invited and can contact the spokespersons of the AG at any time.