AG Organisational health services research

Brief description

Organisational health services research deals with

  1. the framework conditions under which care organisations operate and their interactions at the individual and organisational level
  2. the structures, processes and cultures of care organisations
  3. the interactions within and between healthcare organisations and
  4. the impact of these factors on the outcome and organisation of health care.
Orientation of the AG

The working group supports networking of interested researchers and practitioners and the theoretical, content-related and methodological further development of organisational health care research in Germany as well as the transfer of research results into health policy and practice.

Past and current activities

In 2019, the working group published a revised and supplemented version of the first memorandum on organisation-related health services research published in 2009. The new memorandum was published in spring 2019 and comprises three chapters and an abridged version.

(1) Definition and concept of organizational health services research, (2) Methodological approaches of organizational health services research: data sources, data collection and analysis, (3) Methodological approaches to the evaluation and implementation of complex interventions in health care organizations. In addition, the working group regularly offers a seminar at the DNVF Spring School on the topic of the third chapter and conributes to the German Conference for Health Services Research (DKVF). depending on the occasion
joint research activities or projects are initiated by the AG.


On 23 September 2020, a full-day symposium on the status of organisation-related health services research was planned in cooperation with the Health Services Research Working Group of the German Society for Medical Sociology (DGMS). Due to COVID-19-related restrictions, the symposium will probably take place on 15 September 2021. The symposium will give both beginners a good introduction and scientists in this field new impulses for further development and research. Lectures will be given by national and international scientists and contents will be discussed together.