AG Participatory health services research

The founding meeting on 12.10.2018 in Berlin was attended by 37 persons, 64 persons are noted in the list of members of the AG.


During the founding meeting, the first goals of the working group were already outlined:
The Working Group on Participatory Health Services Research is intended to promote networking and cooperation between scientists* and other actors. The actors include patients and their representatives, but also representatives of service providers and cost bearers. It is desirable for different actors and especially patients to work together in the working group "Participatory Health Services Research".
The working group on participatory health services research will strive for a conceptual and methodological exchange on participatory health services research. The aim will be to determine and further develop participatory research approaches for health services research and to improve the visibility of participatory health services research.


At the beginning of 2019, an online survey of topics was conducted among the members of the Working Group on Participatory Health Services Research. This resulted in the following seven topic clusters: 1. exchange and reflection, 2. stocktaking, 3. networking, 4. methodology, 5. organisation of participatory research, 6. recommendations and 7. target groups. Subsequently three small groups were formed at the 2nd AG meeting (30 participants), which took place on 16.05.2019 in Berlin, Germany, and dealt with the following topics: "Vision and Goals", "Methods/Methodology" and "Organisation of Participatory Research". At the 3rd WG meeting (24 participants), which took place within the framework of the DKVF 2019, the small groups stabilised and new members were integrated in the working groups.


In the small groups, the prioritised topics are to be further elaborated with the aim of drawing up a joint memorandum on this basis.