FG Oncology

Brief description

The DNVF's Specialist Group for Health Services Research in Oncology (FG Oncology) sees itself as a platform for the members of the DNVF who deal with health services research in oncology. It addresses both natural persons and organisations, e.g. oncology societies, and first convened in 2014. In order to avoid overlapping with other working groups (AGs) or FGs and to wait for the development of further AGs/FGs, the FG Oncology has been inactive for several years. In May 2017, the FG reconvened in order to jointly develop and work on current topics. Currently, about 30 members are involved in the FG Oncology.

Goals and tasks

The task of the FG Oncology will be to jointly develop and work on current and future questions of health care research (VF) in oncology with the participation of patient representatives. In order to determine the current situation, a memorandum was drawn up and published in 2020.. A further essential goal is the cooperation with professional groups and professional societies active in oncology in order to strengthen health care research where its results are directly relevant for action.

Current information

The FG meets semi-annually during the relevant conferences in Berlin, i.e. within the framework of the German Congress for Health Care Research, which takes place annually in October, and alternately in even years in February within the framework of the German Cancer Congress (DKK) and in uneven years within the framework of the QoCC (Quality of Cancer Care) Congress, which takes place in March. The precise dates will be announced in due time.


In the coming years we intend to intensify our participation in events organised by DNVF member companies. For example, members of the FG will organize a workshop on health services research at the next Senology Congress.

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