FG Palliative Care

Brief description

The working group aims to be a platform for better integration of palliative medicine with the DNVF. On the one hand, palliative medicine can benefit from the DNVF's methodological experience, and on the other hand, the DNVF has the opportunity to deal more intensively with palliative care issues. The working group follows an interdisciplinary and multi-professional approach.


Currently, the most important project is the preparation of a memorandum on health services research in the last year of life. In addition to the memorandum of the Oncology working group, those are the first memoranda prepared by a DNVF working group. The memorandum intends to address specific methodological issues of health services research in the last year of life, regardless of the health care setting. A core group of authors has been formed to prepare the memorandum.

Interested parties are always welcome to join the working group. Please simply contact the speakers. We meet at least once a year within the framework of the DKVF, and more often if a project requires it.


The memorandum outline by the core group of authors was discussed at the last working group meeting, then revised and a text was written. This text will now be submitted to the working group and then to the DNVF board for comment. Subsequently, the formal coordination process by the DNVF members is planned.