Working and specialist groups

The DNVF comprises 22 working groups (WG) and specialist groups (FG). The aims, tasks and activities of all working groups and divisions can be found in the overview below.
Further information on activities of the AG and FG in the past can be found in the annual reports. If you would like more information about the activities of the groups or want to participate actively, please contact the appropriate contact person (see below).

The AGs and FGs of the network assume important tasks within the association:

Planning and / or coordination of Meetings at the German Congress for Health Services Research (DKVF)

Planning and / or coordination of Meetings at the German Congress for Health Services Research (DKVF)

Creation of memoranda or publications as working results of the DNVF-AG/FG

Coordination or elaboration of DNVF statements (whenever the statement concerns the subject area of the FG or AG)

In addition, the groups give lectures at DNVF events or at the congresses/events of DNVF members on request.

The following general regulations apply to working groups and specialist groups in DNVF Basic Paper AG/FG

DNVF- Working groups

Name of the AG Speaker Contact More
WG Digital Health Prof. Dr. Horst Christian Vollmar
MPH Dr. Ursula Kramer
WG Health Literacy Prof. Dr. Nicole Ernstmann {{br} Prof. Dr. Stephanie Stock
WG Health Economy Prof. Dr. Dr. Andrea Icks
Prof. Dr. Juliane Köberlein-Neu
WG Methods and concepts of health care planning Prof. Dr. Leonie Sundmacher
PD Dr. Neeltje van den Berg
WG Physical activity-related Health Services Research Prof. Dr. Lars Gabrys
Prof. Dr. Andrea Schaller
Prof. Dr. Christian Thiel
Stefan Peters
WG Promotion of junior scientists Dr. Christian Heuser
Dr. Johanna Sophie Lubasch
Helge Schnack
WG Organisational health services research Prof. Dr. Lena Ansmann
Prof. Dr. Stefan Nöst
WG Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Prof. Dr. Michael Koller
WG Participatory health services research PD Dr. Anna Levke Brütt
Prof. Dr. Erik Farin-Glattacker
WG Qualitative Methods Angélique Herrler
Dr. Milena von Kutzleben
Dr. Nadine Pohontsch
WG Quality of Care and Patient Safety Research Prof. Dr. Silke Kuske
WG Registries Dr. Tanja Kostuj
Dr. Anna Niemeyer Prof. Dr. Jürgen Stausberg
WG Theories in health services research Larissa Burggraf
Helge Schnack
WG Validity and linkage of secondary data Prof. Dr. Falk Hoffmann
Prof. Dr. Stefanie March
WG Cooperation in health care Dr. Antje Hammer
Heinrich Recken

DNVF-Specialist groups (FG)

Name of the AG Speaker Contact More
FG Skin and Allergies PD Dr. Christine Blome
Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Apfelbacher
FG Intensive Care and Critical Illness Prof. Dr. Steffen Weber-Carstens
Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Apfelbacher
FG Children and Adolescents Prof. Dr. Freia De Bock
Prof. Dr. Michael S. Urschitz
FG Oncology PD Dr. Elisabeth Inwald
Dr. Christoph Kowalski
FG Palliative Care Prof. Dr. Claudia Bausewein
PhD MSc Prof. Dr. Raymond Voltz
FG Mental Health Prof. Dr. Martin Heinze
Prof. Dr. Steffi G. Riedel-Heller
Prof. Dr. Sebastian von Peter
FG Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial surgery Prof. Dr. Christof Dörfer