AG Physical activity-related Health Services Research

Brief discription

The considerable increase in the importance of physical activity and exercise in health promotion, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation is due to their many positive health effects, for which there is robust scientific evidence. The increasing lack of physical activity in the population is now considered an independent risk factor for the development and chronification of noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes mellitus type 2, coronary heart disease and various forms of cancer. Despite the convincing evidence base, systematic use of the potential of exercise therapy and the promotion of physical activity in health care is still scarce. A wide range of questions and challenges arise for health services research in the spectrum between, on the one hand, in-depth research into the effects of movement-related interventions in health care practice ("effectiveness") and, on the other hand, the investigation of the possibilities, support factors and obstacles for systemic further development in the sense of implementation research.
Within the framework of health services research, all forms of application of movement and sport in prevention, therapy, rehabilitation, disease management and palliation need to be considered. Disciplines that deal with the subject of movement-related health services research are primarily sports science and physiotherapy science, in each case also at the interfaces with sub-disciplines of medicine, psychology, education, and sociology. The working group "Movement-related health services research" wants to offer an overarching platform for all approaches to health services research that deal with physical activity as an intervention and/or the influencing of physical activity behaviour and physical functions. For this purpose, the working group wants to promote the inter- and transdisciplinary exchange of information, establish a competence network and facilitate the connection between pertinent research initiatives.

Current information

May 2020

Founding meeting of the Working Group on Physical activity-related Health Services Research.