AG Digital Health

Membership and date of foundation
The AG is composed of the two spokespersons and the AG members. It was founded in April 2016. Currently, the AG comprisess 104 members and interested parties.
Targets and tasks
The working group pursues the goal to develop positions within the DNVF on the topic of digital health and to initiate targeted activities. The following main topics will be considered:
  1. the influence of the digital transformation on the theoretical scientific models within health care research
  2. to develop methodological approaches to assess the quality and benefits of new digital options.
  3. identifying new areas of application of digital care options, taking into account morbidity, health care structures, aspects of equal health opportunities, etc.
  4. definition of requirements for the infrastructure for exchanging and using data (routine data, clinical data, unstructured patient care data from apps).
  5. development of positions on normative considerations (e.g. on data protection, ethical aspects) for political and social discussions.
Activiteis of the AG 2014 und 2015
Citizens' Dialogue Health Apps as a starting point for the establishment of an AG at the DKVF 2015
Activities of the AG 2016-2017
Definition of key topics for the AG, May 2016
Coordination of work projects for 2016/2017
Preparation of two position papers:
1. the Digital Health framework
2. quality of health apps (later expanded to memorandum)
Delphi survey: Which data does health services research need?
DNVF Kongress, Okt 2016
BMC-Kongress, Jan 2017
AG-Meetings: Mai, Juni, Oktober 2016, Jan. 2017
Telko Steuerungsgruppe Delphi: April, Juni, Sept. 2017
Main areas of work 2018- 2019
Completion of the DNVF Memorandum - Health and Medical Apps (GuMAs)
Conducting a Delphi survey among the AG members (plus the AG Linkage of secondary data) on the future of digitisation
Outlook 2020

Statement on Digital Health Applications Regulation (DiGAV)
Publication of the Delphi survey
Development of evaluation criteria for digital health applications