AG Theories in health services research

Brief description

Theories also play an important role in health services research. Theory formation, theoretical generalizations are the basis of scientific work and the communication of researchers within and outside of the scientific community. Theoretical work is the base for the constitution of scientific disciplines and scientific discourses that enable the reflexivity of specialized research in a subject area as well as its tradition in teaching and the promotion of young researchers.
Health services research in Germany has so far concentrated on empirical research. The DNFV has worked to promote the methodological quality and professionalism of data-supported health services research through the memoranda it has issued to date. In contrast, theoretical issues in health services research have been and still are in the background. Last but not least, standards-based disciplines have so far been given little consideration by health services research in Germany.
The working group "Theories in Health Services Research" has set itself the task to strengthen theory-based work in health services research. The working group will deal with the status and significance of theory and theories in health services research. Against this background, the working group has taken on the task of preparing a memorandum on the "Theoretical and Normative Foundations of Health Services Research" after consultation with the DNVF board. The work on this Memorandum IV of the DNVF was the focus of activities in 2014 and 2015. A memorandum was prepared and published in 2016 on behalf of the DNVF.


In 2020, the working group drew up a position paper on the topic of complexity in health care research and submitted it to the DNVF board to initiate a further discussion process.

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